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Added security for your desktop, part II

Stumbled across this post on Mac desktop locking and and learned a few things myself.  They cover the Keychain Access method.  They also highlight some nifty/useful widgets and preference panes. Via Lock Your Mac Desktop (Part II).

Gmail Labs: Undo Send! TGFU (thank goodness for undo)

The people behind Gmail are constantly working to add features to their already kick-ass email client web application.  Google Labs is sort of like a toy chest for Gmail, containing dozens of major and minor plug ins for the Gmail client.  Some of these plug ins provide new features, some simply tweak the look and…

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Gmail tip: Mute a discussion thread

Subscribe to a lot of mailing lists do you?  Receive a lot of email about stuff you don’t really care about? Reclaim control over your inbox!  Behold, the “Mute” feature in Gmail.  Found in the “More Actions” menu of Gmail, mute allows you to effectively silence long, irrelevant conversation threads. [Muted …] messages added to…

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Quicktip: Zooming in Microsoft Excel

This tip from Rob Griffiths at Mac OS X Hints was news to me, and SUPER-helpful: If you’ve got a scroll wheel mouse … you can zoom the active worksheet in Excel by holding Control and Command and then moving your scroll wheel up (increase zoom) or down (decrease zoom). Works with the two-finger scroll…

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Inbox Zero: a new email frontier

I spent the entirety of last week uploading mail from user accounts into the Google.  and what i saw in the process shocked and frightened me!  i saw massive, bloated inboxes, overflowing with unread messages and one-off memos that should’ve been deleted the moment their message met your visual cortex.  i saw folders of folders…

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Added security for your desktop

Do you deal in sensitive information?  Private?  Paranoid?  Cautious?  Then this tip is for you! In this tutorial i will demonstrate a quick and easy way to help protect any sensitive data from prying eyes or passersby. Allow me to draw your attention to the padlock icon showing in the menubar above.  By clicking on…

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Screencast: Learn about QuickLook

QuickLook is a spiffy new feature of OS X 10.5 “Leopard”.  In the following screencast i’ll show you how you can use QuickLook to work more quickly and easily on documents and email. Click here to view the screencast.

Merging PDFs using software you already have!

Maybe some day you are working on some documents and you realize that it’d be soooo much easier if you could just combine several of your docs into one nice big doc.  Naturally, you are concerned with accessibility so you’ve chosen PDF as your file format of choice.  Well, with the features included in OS…

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Advice for Controlling Email Onslaught

How do you do it?! Inquiring minds want to know! A top 5 list from the website of my personal productivity guru Mr. Merlin Mann.  These are some easy and quick tips for improving the quality of our email communication.  Humankind has had roughly 10,000 years to master the written word, and we’ve had maybe…

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Critical flaw in the internet that you don’t need to worry about.

[youtube=] Sometimes people wonder what it is that i do here all day (and sometimes night) long.  Sometimes nobody cares but i feel like sharing anyhow.  Lately i’ve been patching servers and shoring up our inter and intranet security.  You see… A while back, internet security researchers discovered a problem with the interwebs.  In the…

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