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Quicktip: Zooming in Microsoft Excel

This tip from Rob Griffiths at Mac OS X Hints was news to me, and SUPER-helpful: If you’ve got a scroll wheel mouse … you can zoom the active worksheet in Excel by holding Control and Command and then moving your scroll wheel up (increase zoom) or down (decrease zoom). Works with the two-finger scroll…

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Mac tips: Navigate and highlight text using the keyboard

We spend a lot of time on the computer in text-based applications like Mail and Word. Switching your right hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse to select things or move the cursor can really slow you down when you are feeling the flow. So for that reason i’d like to show you…

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Basics: The Application Switcher is your friend.

Oftentimes, while deep in the throes of working at the computer, you may look up at your screen to find you have 12 emails open, 3 Word documents, an Excel spreadsheet or two, 4 web browser windows, 88 stickies all plastered willy-nilly and goodness knows what else! This can make it all very difficult to…

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